How New Applicants Can Apply For Rashan Card

The UP rashan card application is a simple apparatus to enable families to apply for the rashan card so bear in mind to take advantage of this opportunity that has been launched by he Uttar Pradesh Food and Civil Supplies Department. Any family in the Uttar Pradesh area can apply by checking their name in the rashan card list.

Vital Dates

On the off chance that any individual who isn’t on the rashan card list and therefore need to apply, they should fill in the online frame for the UP rashan card online. Application begins from February 2015 onwards. Keep in mind that the deadline to apply is April 2015. The new list will be issued on twentieth December 2015. The following card list after will be issued in June 2017.


To apply for the UP rashan card online, the family should live in the city territories of Uttar Pradesh by and by and must apply inside the edge of accommodation dates in current time.

Critical Documents

The documents required are:

  1. Voter ID Card No.
  2. Photo of Family Head
  3. Adhar No. (if that accessible)
  4. LPG Connection Details
  5. Bank Account Details
  6. Income Details of Every Family Members
  7. Ward Name and Number
  8. Name of Shopkeeper

You will need these reports to fill in the online application so make certain not to commit an error.

Step by step instructions to Check the List

When you have taken after every one of the methodology and presented the application, you will sit tight for the new rundown to be set up. Keeping in mind the end goal to check your name on the rundown, tap on Download New List (interface given beneath) and select your region name, your piece and gram panchayat. Next select your Shopkeeper Name (Dukandar ka Naam). At that point you can discover your name in the rundown. If you want to get sarkari update online then don’t wait just click on it.

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